Event Risers and Stages

Meridian Show’s stage experts have  over 25 years’ experience in constructing stages and riser.  They  will build a customized event stage or riser that will be suitable for  your event whether it’s inside or outdoors.
We will meet with you on site to help you determine the best height, size and configuration of your stage


Determing the height, size and configuration of your event stager/riser:
·   Your audience size  will help to determine the height of the stage so that  all your audience members will  get the very best view of your event from wherever they are situated.

· Your performer(s)  using the stage such as speakers  who may  just walk back and forth on the stage while speaking  to the audience ; or a  theatre group – acting on stage  with scene props ;  or performer (s) (bands, singers and dancers) will determine the size and configuration of the stage.    As well, your performers, whether stationary or moving need to have peace-of-mind that they are performing on a stage that has been solidly-built, sized and configured  to give them  the optimum performance space  they require.  The  appropriate access  points on and off the stage are equally important for all performers.  We use stairs, ramps, guard rails where required and appropriate.  

MSP will delivery, set-up and remove your stage on time as pre-arranged and at a reasonable cost.

Event Stage  Accessories

·         Pipe and Drapery – in various colours

·         Hard Back (instead of pipe and drapery for back of stage)

·         Dressing rooms, photo booths

·         Stage tops can be painted, carpeted, vinyl topped

·         Stage skirting – in various colours

·         Folding chairs

·         Stanchions

·         Red carpet

·         Tables with skirting/table covers

·         Podiums – acrylic, wood